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Guided by the Spirit of Healing, each treatment is specially catered to where you are at at the time in which we gather. Our work is attuned to your unique intentions and desires — and brought forth through the practice of delicate sensitivity and deep intuitive listening. Each session is an opportunity for you to receive Reiki energy and we may weave in plant essences, guided journeying, sound healing, and more.

Reiki is a holistic healing therapy where energy is transferred through the hands of the formally trained practitioner into the client's energy field and body. It is light in touch, yet deeply effective – addressing blockages and imbalances that can contribute to discomfort or dis-ease manifesting on the physical, emotional, mental, and energetic levels.

Reiki also works quantumly — providing healing to both our conscious and unconscious awareness. Through this aspect of energy work we are able to offer healing that transcends time and space; meaning we are able to offer ancestral healing, and address past experiences of this lifetime and others – as well as provide remote healing.

The Human Being is far more expansive than we have been commonly aware of. We are a vast matrix of energy structures that extends as far as ~eight feet beyond the physical body. The Subtle Energy Body holds wells of wisdom, history, emotions, and insights. The gateways to unlocking your true healing potential can be accessed in these subtle yet sophisticated spaces.


Benefits of Energy Healing + Reiki 

⊹ supports deep relaxation
⊹ relieves pain/discomfort
⊹ reduces stress and anxiety

⊹ eases depression
⊹ improves sleep
⊹ offers support in surgical recovery 

⊹ relieves symptoms of illness treatments
⊹ increases blood flow and circulation
⊹ clears blocks in the physical system

⊹ clears blocks in non-physical system
⊹ aids the grieving process

⊹ support in trauma healing

⊹ fosters presence
⊹ awakens intuition
⊹ strengthens self-awareness
⊹ offers restoration and balance 

⊹ provides clarity
chakra clearing
heart opening
womb healing
deep grounding
⊹ enhances spiritual growth
​⊹ heals ancestral timelines

⊹ support in life transitions

...just to name a few amidst the vast landscape of possibilities.

You will be fully clothed during the session and will experience a series of hand positions on and/or above your body. We will connect and talk at the open and close of the session.

Some people feel major shifts after just one session 
 some enjoy regular visits, finding that consistent energy clearing and balancing builds upon itself creating more profound transformation.

I work out of a healing space in SW Portland 
— but I also offer Remote Healing Sessions which can be equally as powerful, inquire here!

“I have been holding on to a lot of grief after the passing of my mother, and I felt heavy and a bit stuck before seeing Misha. After one session with her, I feel a huge sense of relief and lightheartedness. During the session, I felt a deeply relaxing transmutation of my pain throughout my entire body. Misha’s intuitiveness and her light were exactly what I needed to release tension and clear my mind. I would recommend her healing to anyone in need of extra love.”
— Grace H.

“Misha was awesome! The whole experience was very relaxing and her energy readings were spot on. The atmosphere in her place had the best vibe and I felt she was very in tune with my needs and expectations. I would highly recommend Reiki healing with Misha and would def return :)”
—  Nevada B.

“What a gift to have had an energy session with Misha. The space is beautiful and calming. I loved the beginning of our session which was welcoming gratitude for the elements and Mother Earth and calling in guides. I’ve walked away from the experience feeling comfortable in sharing how I felt during energy work, in addition to feeling very calm and blissful. I will continue to think of how this shift of energy is guiding me long after my experience. I look forward to receiving this gift from Misha again. I’d highly recommend Misha to anyone curious about energy or if you are wanting to dive in for personal growth and healing, look no further.
—   Katie A.

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