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Hi, I'm Misha

When we count the dots backwards, we discover that every perceived challenge has served a purpose in our eternal expansion. Every person, place, experience – has been divinely planned and placed on our paths to teach us (sometimes in the most subtle ways), assist in our transformation, and propel us into further remembrance of all that we truly are. My life path has taken me down many winding roads, over tall mountains and through deep valleys – leading me to ineffable discoveries. 
Some of the most thrilling being the understanding that everything is energy, humans are multidimensional beings, that we can work with our energies and the energies around us to create massive change in our lives – and ultimately that The Healer resides within all of us, ready to emerge when the call arises. 


I was born in upstate NY, and moved to Oregon when I was five. A long time student of the natural and spiritual worlds – I attended a Waldorf school K-8, which set the foundation for my connection and deep reverence for Earth as a guide and teacher. This pathway of learning created a space for my highly-sensitive and empathic-nature to feel safe and nurtured while engaging in curriculums and methodologies that integrated academics, arts, and practical skills; engaging the head, heart, and hands – thinking, feeling, and doing. 

Early adolescence met me with a fateful sequence of events that took me through over a decade of hardship. A long brewing dark night — which was unbeknownst to me, was setting me up for a personal journey of healing and transformation that would ultimately lead me to the gates of the Healing Arts. 

A yearning desire to transcend the weights that plagued me, I went on an internal pilgrimage to free myself. I fell in love with studying the intricacies of the human experience — and beyond. The realms of quantum physics, expanded consciousness, philosophical teachings, the plant kingdom, holistic wellness, and the individual's unique relationship to the world around them — just some of my favorite to explore. These learnings have woven into
my way of living and being.

I now reside in SW Portland with my dog Clover. When not immersed in my private practice, I am communing with nature and living with the cycles of the seasons ☀︎ I also enjoy taking on various projects — supporting small businesses and entrepreneurs with their creative vision.


The healing journey is a spiral.

The spiral is movement through time.

We may revisit the same obstacles or wounds over and over,
but each time from higher levels of understanding and awareness.

The spiral is the symbol that represents a sacred and unbroken link
between the macrocosm and the microcosm. 

The spiral is the bubbling cauldron.
The spiral is the curl of the wave.
The spiral is the lift of the wind.
The spiral is the whirlpool of water.
The spiral is the eye of the storm.
The spiral is the umbilical cord.
The spiral is the great serpent.
The spiral is the bloom of the fern.
The spiral is the twist of the helix.
The spiral is the spin of our galaxy.

The spiral is the bridge
between the harmony in the cosmos
and the harmony in us
an infinite resonance of life force energy.

The spiral is the labyrinth.
The spiral is the decent into the womb.
The spiral is the feminine current.

The spiral is the passage between worlds:
birth passing into death passing into birth.

The spiral helps us remember that:
our life is a moving, regenerative event,
there is always a larger pattern at play,
awareness is intrinsic to awakening.

The spiral is a dance with the universe.
Honor your process by surrendering to the beauty of the spiral path.

Education + Training Path

Reiki Energy Healing 1 + 2 
Hypnosis Practitioner Certification
TIME Techniques (Timeline Therapy) Practitioner
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner
Mindset + Life Coaching Certification

A note of gratitude to my teachers, mentors, and those who have walked the path before me. Thank you for your wisdom, practice, patience, devotion, guidance, faith, and courage. 

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